What we provide for you

We will go the extra mile

We bridge the gap between employers with attractive job openings and highly qualified executives and specialists in the German speaking real estate market. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to fulfilling your specific employee criteria, and matching the set standards with highly motivated and qualified applicants from the real estate sector.

Our comprehensive preselection process allows you to

  • spend your time on core business protocol, due to reduced, yet high quality
  • and purposeful interviews, with promising and (with respect to their position and your business)
  • serious candidates, chosen using your preselected criteria.

We will accompany you until the last available candidate is onboard. Therefore it is very unlikely that we will be unable to occupy a vacancy.

As a result, we could fill even the most exceptional position with the most ambitious criteria, criteria otherwise rarely found in curriculum vitae, job profiles or titles. We would develop your new criteria and make them marketable, before ultimately and successfully filling the vacant position.