What we do for your business

On the basis of detailed and concise searches we:

  • provide you with highly qualified, pre-examined candidates, that in same cases “hadn’t even realised that they were looking for a new job and challenge” (candidate quote)
  • will draw up a detailed, yet anonymous job and requirement description
  • will scan the whole market to find the candidate that you require
  • depending on the vacancy, we will address 50 to 100 potential suitable real estate managers and specialists
  • will systematically scour out networks and database
  • create a competition- and market analysis list of target companies
  • identify tailored potential candidates in every new search
  • a detailed and consistent comparison of your requirements with the strengths and experience of the potential candidate
  • the next step is to conduct detailed and comprehensive telephone interviews
  • examine the most promising and qualified candidates and take them “through their paces”
  • get to know the candidates in pre-interviews
  • draw up detailed interview protocols and candidate profiles
  • present our candidate evaluations to you, in house
  • the evaluations consist of detailed candidate backstories with respect to: the candidate, their experience, reason for wanting to take on new challenge etc.
  • assist you in the first meetings with the favourite candidates
  • subsequent availability for an evaluation
  • provide close support from the beginning of the application process until the contract is signed or provide close support during the integration cycle until the end of the 6 months probation period
  • have very quick turn around times and typically coordinate, make and confirm appointments on the same day or at least within 24 hours
  • are available to you around the clock